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What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed, in simple words, can make your website work much faster than other web servers. This technology is up to 50 times faster than classic cPanel configurations under Apache.

What does the “Performance” indicator mean in the plan characteristics?

Esto es importante en la medida que tu sitio web pueda necesitar más o menos recursos de procesamiento.
Un sitio web simple, HTML, consume muy pocos recursos (CLASE A). Un sitio WordPress consumirá regulares recursos (CLASE A+), mientras que un carro de compra Woocommerce o Prestashop consumirá muchos más recursos (CLASE A++). Esta es la clasificación según performance.


DIVI is a framework, a system that is included within WordPress and that provides new tools, including a new editor for website content, hundreds of new templates and also optimized for performance and speed.

Can I install WooCommerce on these plans?

Of course. It is included among the most required WordPress plugins. There is no problem installing it.

Do the values include taxes?

The values ​​indicated on our website do not include taxes, as this varies from country to country. It is very possible that at the end of your purchase no taxes to pay additional to the value will be indicated since we only have a tax treaty with some countries.



LiteSpeed Servers

The best in web servers in all our plans.


High speed incoming and outgoing internet connection

Centralized Administration

Easy administration from our control panel.

Strong Security

Protection with Mod_Security, cPGuard and CSF Firewall.

DIVI Theme Premium

One of the most powerful and easy to use templates.

Weekly Backups

Backups ready in case of emergencies.

Why do we stand out from others?

Features that make us unique compared to the competition.


We deliver to you DIVI PREMIUM completely free!

300+ pre-made templates

Optimized for the best performance.

Artificial intelligence (IA)

Create text and images with DIVI AI.

PageSpeed over 90%

The best Google rating for your website thanks to DIVI and our LiteSpeed ​​servers.

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All in one place

Manage your hosting plan directly from your customer panel. Without the need to remember more access information.

Integrated control panel

Quick options available

Centralized service management

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Satisfaction guaranteed

90 days extended warranty

If our services have problems, we will refund your payment up to 90 days after contracting. We are sure to have the best service and the best performance in Hosting!

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