Affiliate Program

Earn commissions by promoting our plans and services. Advertise our services across the internet, and we’ll pay you up to 40% of what your referred customer buys.

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Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is part of our AGMAHOST Partnerships and is designed for users or customers who want to start their own business by promoting our services and acquiring new customers.

Upon registering for the affiliate program, you will receive a unique link that you can promote on social media, advertising campaigns, YouTube, or any available medium. Sales made through your unique link generate up to a 40% commission for you. Join today and earn cash, REGISTER HERE.

Once registered, go to the “affiliations” section of your control panel.

There are no spatial requirements to participate in the affiliate program.


  1. Only sales linked from your unique link will be counted as sales associated with your affiliate account.
  2. You need a minimum of 50 USD accumulated to generate a withdrawal.
  3. Withdrawals are paid through PAYPAL.
  4. If your account has a balance of 100 USD or more, the balance will be transferred to your account automatically at the end of the month.
  5. Commissions are credited 31 days after the customer’s payment (as the customer has a 30-day service guarantee).
  6. Commissions are not recurring, meaning that service renewals are not included in the affiliate program.
  7. Commissions are credited only for new customers; if a previously registered customer purchases a service through your affiliate link, that purchase will not generate commissions.

Do you have questions?

What's affiliates marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a performance strategy where external collaborators receive commissions for generating results for advertisers, such as sales or subscribers. This approach is based on the revenue sharing model, allowing promoters to highlight products and earn income for their efforts. In short, it is the promotion of others’ products to earn commissions.
How can I make money with Agmahost?
Join our exclusive Agmahost Affiliate Program and be part of promoting a service loved by millions around the world. For every user who comes to Agmahost through your site and purchases a package, you will earn a share of the profits. The more users you bring, the higher your profits will be.
Can I promote Agmahost on social networks?
Yes, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms are full of potential users. You just need to communicate with them. Highlight the amazing deals we offer and don’t forget to use hashtags for more exposure.
Can I promote Agmahost using email marketing techniques?
Yes you can do it. Email marketing is a great strategy for targeting people who are not always available. Make sure you get creative with your message subject and pre-headers. With the right words, you can communicate your offer better and get more conversions.
I am a graphic designer/web developer. Can I buy hosting for my client and receive a commission?
If you are an agency/web developer, we invite you to join our Resellers Program, where you can manage entirely and also make purchases on behalf of your clients.
Can I buy traffic or use paid advertising to promote Agmahost?
Avoid using trademarked keywords related to “Agmahost” and its variations in pay-per-click or impression campaigns on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing, or others. Using Agmahost’s websites as the display URL in paid ads or setting up direct links or redirects to such websites is not allowed.
How are sales tracked?
We track sales through affiliate links and cookies. When a user clicks on your tracking link, we place cookies on their browser and recognize them as your referred user.
If I refer my customers to Agmahost but they make the purchase in another country, will I receive payment?
Yes, the commission will be converted to USD.
How long does an affiliate cookie last?
Affiliate cookies are stored for 90 days. However, if a previous affiliate’s cookie is already in the user’s browser, it will be overwritten with the new cookie. Agmahost is not responsible for cookies intentionally deleted by the user.
What happens if my referred sale does not appear on the report?
There are several reasons why this may have happened:

– The purchase was not made through a tracking link;

– The system has detected a high risk of fraud;

– Your referral has not activated cookies or cleared them;

– The user has canceled the services;

– Your referral was already a client;

– Your referral clicked on another affiliate tracking link and the commissions were attributed to another partner.

What happens if the customer cancels the plan?
Agmahost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this trial period, customers can still cancel the plan. If the customer cancels their plan during the trial period, the commission is also revoked.
If a booking is made without my affiliate link, will I receive commission?
Agmahost tracks your sales through your affiliate links. Transactions made without an affiliate link will not be attributed to your account.

AGMAHOST Partners Program

Discover Unlimited Opportunities with the Agmahost Partners Program

In today’s dynamic digital world, entrepreneurship is more than an option; it’s a necessity. Agmahost, an undisputed leader in hosting, email, and VPS services, presents its partners program—a gateway to a prosperous business of your own, brimming with possibilities.

What is the Agmahost Partners Program?The Agmahost Partners Program is more than a simple partnership; it’s your ticket to exclusive discounts and unlimited opportunities. Designed for entrepreneurs, agencies, and digital professionals, this program allows you to start your own reselling business, offering high-quality services at special prices.

Exclusive Benefits for Partners:

Attractive Discounts: Access preferential rates on hosting, email, and VPS services, enabling you to compete in the market with significant profit margins.

24/7 Technical Support: You’re not alone. As a partner, you have access to a highly skilled technical support team available 24/7. Your clients will always be supported.

Intuitive Management Tools: Simplify the administration of your services with intuitive management tools. Agmahost provides you with the necessary tools to easily manage customer accounts and monitor performance.

Constant Updates: In an ever-evolving digital environment, staying up-to-date is crucial. Agmahost gives you access to the latest technologies and updates to ensure your offering is always cutting-edge.

Generate Passive Income: Enjoy passive income as your customer base grows. Agmahost takes care of the technical infrastructure, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The Agmahost Partners Program is more than a partnership; it’s an opportunity to create your own digital destiny. Join today and discover a world of possibilities where success is as unlimited as your ambition. Start your journey to digital success with Agmahost!