Loyalty Emailing

We created the simplest and most economical loyalty mass email sending system on the market.

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A plan for every need



It's Simple

Fair options: Our service doesn’t overwhelm with an excessive amount of options. With just the right options for developing your campaigns, you spend less time on exhaustive configurations and settings.

Easy integration: It’s possible to integrate our service with your websites, whether it’s WordPress or other types of sites, easily. Just copy and paste the code provided by the system, and you’ll be capturing emails from potential customers.

It's Fast

We send your emails at the optimal speed to avoid being detected as spam and ensure your messages enter the inbox.

Fast import: Import contacts to your list at speeds of up to 50,000 contacts per minute.

Create campaigns and send them immediately
We provide you with a series of templates so you don’t have to design your campaigns from scratch. Our templates are ready for web/mobile.

No competition

Our system is one of the most economical in the market. You decide how many emails you want to send. Request a quote with us for the quantity you need.

Fixed prices: We don’t readjust our plans. If you remain a customer over time, the value of the paid plan will remain the same until you make a plan change.

Pay what’s fair: You pay only one amount per month, no hidden charges, no ghost charges—your rate is fixed.



Can I send spam or anonymous emails?
The service cannot be used to send SPAM or illegal material. SPAM is understood as anonymous advertising and/or that also contains typical SPAM parameters (for example, a single image without text or content). This service is for sending quality emails. Recipients must have expressly consented to the sending of your campaigns (debt collection is not considered as consented).

What characteristics should my database have?
Las bases de datos deben contener al menos nombre y correo electrónico.

What tolerance does the system have with my lists?
The service cannot be used for list cleaning. If a high bounce rate is detected, your account may be suspended. The allowed rate for hard bounces (sending to non-existent or incorrect addresses) is a maximum of 3% per send.
Do I need any technical knowledge?
Although it is advisable to know what email marketing is about and how to work with good practices, the use of the system does not require technical knowledge beyond simple training.

¿Por qué es importante tener un sistema de email marketing?

El email marketing fidelizador es una de las estrategias más poderosas para mantener un contacto continuo con tus clientes y nuevos prospectos. En la actualidad, es una herramienta de marketing vital que no puedes dejar de aprovechar.



“I am delighted with the Google Ads services provided by AgmaHost.com. Since we started working together, I have seen a significant increase in traffic to my website and conversions. The AgmaHost team has demonstrated a deep understanding of the Google Ads platform and has designed effective campaigns that have resulted in a solid return on investment (ROI). Their professional approach and ability to adapt to our changing needs are impressive. Thanks to AgmaHost, my business is growing by leaps and bounds!”
Any Londer

Dev Lead, Altiva INC

“I want to thank AgmaHost.com for their excellent management of our email marketing campaigns. Since we trusted them, we have experienced a significant improvement in attracting new customers and conversions. Their ability to optimize our messages and segment audiences has allowed us to reduce costs while increasing the effectiveness of our campaigns. We are excited with the results achieved and anticipate a continued and successful partnership.”
Francisco Sagredo

Director, Almac LLC

“I am pleased to share my positive experience with AgmaHost.com’s email marketing service. Their management has been exceptional, demonstrating a deep understanding of our target market and effectively personalizing our campaigns. Transparency in tracking and performance reporting is highly appreciated. Thanks to AgmaHost, we are experiencing steady growth in acquiring new customers, and we are extremely satisfied with the results achieved.”
Michael Young

CEO, Edifica LLC

Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Strategies with Agmahost’s “Emailing”

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, effective customer acquisition is essential for the growth and success of any business. Agmahost has developed a comprehensive solution for this crucial task: “Emailing”. This email marketing system is presented as a powerful and versatile tool specifically designed to maximize new business generation.

Precise Segmentation:

One of the distinctive features of “Emailing” is its ability to precisely segment audiences. With this functionality, you can customize your messages based on the specific characteristics of your target audience. From demographics to user behavior, “Emailing” allows you to send highly relevant content, significantly increasing the likelihood of capturing the attention of potential customers.

Attractive and Professional Designs:

Visual impact is crucial in digital marketing. “Emailing” from Agmahost offers a wide variety of attractive and professional design templates that ensure your emails not only reach the inbox but also stand out. Consistent visual presentation reinforces your brand identity and creates a positive experience for your potential customers.

Intelligent Automation:

Save time and resources with the intelligent automation of “Emailing”. Schedule specific campaigns and email sequences based on user behavior, allowing you to interact with potential customers at the right moment. From welcome emails to strategic reminders, efficient automation increases the likelihood of conversion.

Analysis and Continuous Improvement:

The key to success in any marketing strategy is the ability to analyze. “Emailing” provides robust analytical tools that allow you to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Gain valuable insights into open rates, clicks, and conversions to continuously adjust and improve your customer acquisition strategies.

Regulatory Compliance:

In the current digital landscape, regulatory compliance is crucial. “Emailing” from Agmahost ensures that all your campaigns comply with privacy and data protection regulations, ensuring a trusted relationship with your potential customers from the first contact.

In summary, if you are looking for a comprehensive and effective solution to acquire new customers, “Emailing” from Agmahost is your ideal ally. Maximize your reach, personalize your messages, and optimize your conversions with this powerful email marketing tool. Boost your business to success with “Emailing” from Agmahost!