Reseller Program

The program for FreeLancer and users who want to start their own business. Buy at AGMAHOST with significant discounts and stop worrying about paying fixed fees or managing, we take care of everything.

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The reseller program is part of our AGMAHOST Partner alliances and is designed for all those FreeLancers, users or clients who want to start their own business, reselling our services with important special discounts and without the complications of managing servers.

These discounts are permanent and recurring, this means that they are maintained over time and include new plans and service renewals, as well as upgrades.

To apply for the Reseller Program, you need to meet at least the following requirements:

  1. Have at least one active plan or service.
  2. Have a balance equal to or greater than $250.00 at the time of applying to join the program. The balance can be added to your client account by clicking here. This balance will be used for your future service purchases; it is not a payment for the Reseller Program.
  3. You must create a support ticket to request inclusion in the Reseller Program.


  1. Maintain fewer than 5 active contracted services throughout the entire year from the enrollment in the reseller program.
  2. Misuse of the discount code assigned to your account. The discount code associated should only be used to make purchases on your own client account. If we detect its use on another account, you will be removed from the program.

Do you have questions?

Who determines the prices of the products I sell?
You determine the price of the services you sell. Being Agmahost Partner, only you determine the profits you make. Our recommendation will always be that you sell at the list price.
How can I manage my clients' accounts?
Through the control panel you can manage all aspects of your clients’ account.

AGMAHOST Partners Program

Discover Unlimited Opportunities with the Agmahost Partners Program

In today’s dynamic digital world, entrepreneurship is more than an option; it’s a necessity. Agmahost, an undisputed leader in hosting, email, and VPS services, presents its partners program—a gateway to a prosperous business of your own, brimming with possibilities.

What is the Agmahost Partners Program?
The Agmahost Partners Program is more than a simple partnership; it’s your ticket to exclusive discounts and unlimited opportunities. Designed for entrepreneurs, agencies, and digital professionals (FreeLancers), this program allows you to start your own reselling business, offering high-quality services at special prices.

Exclusive Benefits for Partners:

Attractive Discounts: Access preferential rates on hosting, email, and VPS services, enabling you to compete in the market with significant profit margins.

24/7 Technical Support: You’re not alone. As a partner, you have access to a highly skilled technical support team available 24/7. Your clients will always be supported.

Intuitive Management Tools: Simplify the administration of your services with intuitive management tools. Agmahost provides you with the necessary tools to easily manage customer accounts and monitor performance.

Constant Updates: In an ever-evolving digital environment, staying up-to-date is crucial. Agmahost gives you access to the latest technologies and updates to ensure your offering is always cutting-edge.

Generate Passive Income: Enjoy passive income as your customer base grows. Agmahost takes care of the technical infrastructure, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The Agmahost Partners Program is more than a partnership; it’s an opportunity to create your own digital destiny. Join today and discover a world of possibilities where success is as unlimited as your ambition. Start your journey to digital success with Agmahost!