The recent release of WordPress version 6.5.2 has generated interest, as it came without the prior availability of 6.5.1 due to an error in the initial packaging process.

Despite this circumstance, users can download and use the new version without difficulties, the problem being merely one of nomenclature. The WordPress team issued a statement to address this event, ensuring that measures will be implemented to avoid future confusion. Although the update is minor, including only bug fixes in the kernel and the block editor, as well as a security fix, its immediate installation is recommended, especially for this last aspect.

Most WordPress sites update automatically, but it’s important to be aware of these events. Version 6.5.2 is considered short cycle, anticipating the next major version, 6.6, scheduled for July 16, 2024.

The team responsible for this release was led by John Blackbourn, Isabel Brison and Aaron Jorbin, with the collaboration of numerous developers.

Although various problems have been resolved, there is still no information on the solution to the AVIF issue.